• 2022 08.10
    Q&A: Delivering holistic solution

    QA: Delivering holistic solutions to solve water challenges July 5, 2022 Kamakshi Sharma with Aquatech International discusses major issues, solutions and technologies affecting the water management industry. Photo 41922595 Asafta | Dreamst...

  • 2022 08.10
    Case Study: Water reuse at an oil ref

    Case Study: Water reuse at an oil refinery This case study focuses on stripped sour water reuse at the Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery. Photo 86782611 Nolimitbkk | View Image Gallery Oil refineries consume a significant amou...

  • 2022 08.10
    Industrial wastewater and resource re

    Industrial wastewater and resource recovery This article addresses methods to treat wastewater to generate a quality of water that can be reused within the facility, along with processes to recover valuable components from the removed conta...

  • 2022 08.10
    Innovative techniques for managing wa

    Each facilitys wastewater characteristics vary based on the location and market sector in which it operates. These characteristics affect wastewater treatment needs and must be considered when determining the optimal treatment method. Court...

  • 2022 08.10
    Achieving compliance with automated w

    Achieving compliance with automated wastewater treatment for industrial facilities with cooling towers Automated wastewater treatment systems help facilities remain in compliance with EPA and local standards, while significantly reducing th...

  • 2021 10.18
    Ion Exchange Resin Market : Industry

    Ion Exchange Resin Market With Top Countries Data, Industry Analysis , Size, Share, Revenue, Prominent Players, Developing Technologies, Tendencies and Forecast Email icon Facebook icon Twitter icon Linkedin icon Flipboard icon Print icon Res...

  • 2020 07.17
    LANXESS realigns water treatment busi

    Specialty chemicals company LANXESS continues to develop its portfolio and is reorganizing its water treatment technologies business: the company will focus on the ion exchange resins business and intends to grow here primarily in markets for high-end...

  • 2017 10.02
    SUEZ finalizes the acquisition of GE

    OCTOBER.02.2017 SUEZ finalizes the acquisition of GE Water & Process Technologies SUEZ announces that, together with Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) [1], it has completed the acquisition of former GE Water & Process Technologies (GE...

  • 2017 02.14
    Textile dyeing without effluent

    Bleaching and dyeing textile fibers and fabrics without causing any environmental pollution through effluent may sound too good to be true. And yet “minimal liquid discharge” (MLD) and “zero liquid discharge” (ZLD) – i.e. the minimization or...


Professional About Us

Suzhou X Chemical Co.,Ltd is a company that especially focus on ion exchange resins and adsorb resins fields, including manufacture ,research and development, market. We offer on-stop service, including consultation, design, manufacture and construction, running, for much kinds of clients in water treatment , wastewater treatment,Power,ChemicalPetrol,Biodiesel,MiningMetal,FoodBeverage,Pharmaceutical,Radioactive contamination treatment f...



Ion Exchange Resin
  • Adsorbent Resin-AD101
    Adsorbent Resin-AD101

    non-polar particularly suitable for the efficient sorption of high molecular weight color bodies such as those found in sugar solutions, and ...

  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage

    GSC offers a complete line of resins in the manufacturing of food and beverage products to remove impurities and improve productivity ...

  • Power Generation
    Power Generation

    Around the world, XResin ion exchange resins help to ensure the efficient, safe and reliable operation of these power plants over many years....

  • Petro & Chemical
    Petro & Chemical

    As well as steam, process water is also required and must conform to certain specifications. XResin ion exchangers are used to soften or demi...

  • Municipal Water Treatment
    Municipal Water Treatment

    Drinking water supply, waste water treatment, and waste disposal are among the most critical municipal services. Strict demands are imposed o...

  • Wastewater Treatment
    Wastewater Treatment

    Ion exchange resins and adsorbent medias are often ideally suited for removal of specific contaminants and/or for polishing the effluent from...


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